How to Use Google DNS in Windows 10

Quick Knowledge:

Open the Control Panel from the Start menu
Click Network and sharing Center
Click Change adapter settings
Right click on your active network adapter & choose properties
Choose Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click properties
Enter the new DNS servers into the boxes under “Use the following DNS server addresses”

How to change Windows 10 DNS:
By default, Windows will …

How to access Error Logs with StackCP

If you’re having issues with your website not displaying correctly or not displaying at all, you can switch on the error logs to see if you can get a better idea on what is happening.
To do this, go to ‘CP Login’.
Once you’re in the hosting control panel, then navigate to the ‘Web Tools’ section …

How to Updating Your PHP Version in StackCP

Updating PHP versions is a common request we get, and one that can be easily done by yourself.
Updating your PHP gives you the latest and most secure version, but it can also cause problems with your site if you are not careful. Which is why we are here to help.
Log into your SKY Host …

How to Activating Your Free SSL Certificate With SKY HOST StackCP

For many years now, websites have needed SSL certificates for security, authentication, and search engine optimisation. We work with Let’s Encrypt to give you free SSL certificates for your websites, and they are available on any of our web hosting packages. Here is how you get your SSL certificate up and running.
First off, log …

New Features: Invisible Recaptcha

Thanks to the updates we have made on our server, ddos and other malicious visitors are not dangerous for your website! Now, thanks to the invisible captcha, all visitors of your website are filtered by artificial intelligence algorithms in the background, allowing your site to receive only real visitors, and to clean up spam …

Cut down on spoofed emails with DKIM

You can now use DKIM records with your domain names, giving you an easy way to stop emails being spoofed from your domain name.
What’s DKIM?
DKIM is short for DomainKeys Identified Email, an email authentication method designed to detect forged sender addresses.
With this method, each email message has a digital signature in the headers. Mail …

BeTips to Keep Your WordPress more Secure

When setting up a new WordPress installation, you should always
choose the latest stable version. Before installing it, follow these
two simple web security steps in the wp-config.php file:

Change the database prefix
Use authentication keys

By default, all WordPress installations use the prefix wp_ for their database. This is consistent throughout WordPress, so it’s recommended …

All about our free CDN services

With our StackCP control panel web hosting packages, you get access to our fantastic content delivery network (CDN). With a CDN, your website loads faster around the world, making it more attractive to search engines as well as customers.
A CDN works by caching copies of your website across different servers around the world. This means …

How do I run Composer via SSH?

On our SSH servers, the execution of commands like “composer” will run with our default, system-level PHP that is also used for internal tools. This is a thin version of PHP without all the modules you may be used-to on your website. To enable use of this command, you need to specify the full …

Setting up keypairs for SSH access

To access SSH using keypairs you will need to create a public key on the machine you are using to connect with, the process for wchi is outlined below:


To create your public key open up Terminal and type the following command:

ssh-keygen -t rsa

You will then be prompted to set the folder you wish to …